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How long does a prescription take to compound?

Our pride in offering customized services and products requires extra attention to detail and time. Once we receive a prescription compound one of our staff memebers will call and let you know when to expect the prescription to be ready.

Usually once a prescription has been received, ECCP will have the compound within 24 hours.

Does ECCP file insurance?

Every prescription is dispensed with a detalied insurance form that allows the patient to file directly with their insurance company. If the insurance company needs additional information they will contact ECCP directly and one of our staff members will complete any additional information they may need.

What is the difference between Pharmacutical Compounding and Drug Manufacturing?

Drug Manufacturing is the mass production of drug products that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.) They are sold to pharmcies, health care practitioners and other authorizeds under state and federal law to resale them.

Pharmaceutical compounding allows for your medical provider to offer specialized treatment. Every compound is made specifically for the patient or the prescriber and is not for resale. A liciensed pharmacist by the state of board of pharmacy preforms or supervises the compound.

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