Compounding Pharmacy

What is pharmacy compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding allows for your medical provider to offer specialized treatment. At Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy (ECCP) we can formulate your prescriptions to meet your individual needs. We individually customize medications into different strengths and dosage forms, allowing for better absorption by your body, and minimizing side effects. We also offer compounding of discontinued drugs, such as Midrin which is used for headaches. This is just one of the many formulations currently compounded at Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy.

“Pharmacy: The practice or art of preparing and dispensing drugs.

The use of drugs for healing is as old as civilization itself.

The earliest discovery of a compilation of medicinal substances was a Sanskrit text from the 6th century BC. In 1550 BC, the ancient Egyptians created the Ebers papyrus, a collection of recipes’ for natural medicinal agents that were used for centuries. The “Father of Pharmacy” is Greek physician, Galen who in the 2nd century created a systematic classification of drugs. Published works of science during the Renaissance period (1350-1650 A.D), led to the further advances in pharmacy and the rise of Alchemy.

Today, pharmaceutical companies valued at billions of dollars, mass produce drugs. It seems that retail pharmacy chains are on every corner and you can find them in almost every major grocery store. Pharmaceutical companies’ research has led to many life-saving drugs, such as the flu vaccine and other medications. However, the lack of personalized care has diminished and many people do not even know their retail pharmacist.

At Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy (ECCP), we strive to develop a comprehensive plan to improve each patient’s overall health and quality of life. We strongly believe that patient care should be a triage between the patient, their physician and the pharmacist. Guided by philosophies dating back to the origins of pharmacy we build a relationship with our clients and that is truly enjoyable and improves our standard of care. We look forward to meeting every patient and taking care of their pharmaceutical compounding needs.

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